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Check, Welding,
Assembly Fixtures

Check, Welding, Assembly Fixtures

Check Fixtures
Check fixtures are built for metal parts, tube bending, plastics and complete assemblies.

Our team is able to provide customers with fixtures that will increase accuracy and productivity which is critical for all applications. We have developed and built fixtures for the Aerospace, Marine, Recreational, and the Transportation Industries.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Robotic Weld fixtures
  • Spot Weld Fixtures
  • Riveting Fixtures
  • Bonding Fixtures
  • Inspection Fixtures
  • Drill Fixtures
  • Drill Jigs

Taking your fixture design, discuss with our staff the critical dimensions, CNC program, the numbers and fabricate the fixture to the customer’s requirements.  The check  fixture is CMM checked and certified to meet the customer’s specifications and tolerances.

Welding Fixtures        
We build high quality cost effective welding fixtures for all types of industries.

Your welding fixtures are designed to help the welder increase accuracy and productivity which is critical for all applications.

A. J. Metal Manufacturing has the experience, equipment, personnel, and dedication to build any of your fixture specification requirements. If you need a simple manual fixture or powered rotational fixture, we can develop and build for any of your manufacturing requirements.

Assembly Fixtures
We offer in-depth knowledge of assembly fixtures, A.J. has built fixtures and gages for the aerospace recreational, bicycle, and automotive industry. We designed fixtures with the worker in mind to reduce fatigue and increase production.

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